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so what I did for the last 7 hours (you see how boredom works for me):
I re-did my xkcd moodtheme so that finally there are 132 different pictures instead of 60. the old one can still be found in the Artwork section (sidebar).
also it's up to date with the newest comic again.
enjoy, and tell me what you think of it.

NOTICE: if you found this here, my journal has moved to so please credit for abovetheroofs. thank you. you can also find the download there btw. :)


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Tribute to Dave McKean

After some time, now there's a new autumn layout... I really never plan on doing those things... they come over me... I wanted to make an icon for a fantasy literature board and I thought about dave mckean and once the icon was ready I thought, maybe I should use it on lj... and then I wasn't satisfied because the layout didn't fit the new icon... lol

so what do you think about it? :)

oh and happy 50th birthday Stephen Fry :)

New icons

Made 6 new icons today... please credit and comment :)

witch again 01
light and color
witch again 02
witch again 03
falling leaves
witch again 04
falling leaves 2
witch again 05
witch again 06
I miss yiou